Collection: Machine-Tied Weft Hair Extensions

Our Machine-Tied Weft is the ideal option for individuals with thick, voluminous, and/or coarser hair types. Designed for supreme fullness, it stands as our most voluminous weft available. Distinguished by unparalleled quality, BEAUVOIR machine wefts boast approximately 10% greater hair density compared to other brands. Furthermore, our wefts feature a sleeker profile, setting them apart from competitors and offering a more natural look. Additionally, our machine wefts offer four more inches of weft than the majority of machine wefts on the market.

Length/Weight:                Weft/Package Specs: 
16” - 120g                           Weft Depth: 0.08”
18” - 130g                           Weft Width: 0.15”
20” - 145g                           Weft length: 40”
22” - 160g                           1 Weft/pack
24” - 170g
28” - 180g

16” - 24” available in 50/50 Professional Grade
16” - 28” available in Single Donor Virgin Grade

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