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The World of Beauvoir:
A Pioneer in Luxury Hair Extensions

At Beauvoir, we've rapidly emerged as a leading luxury house, globally acclaimed for our exceptional hair extensions. Our journey is marked by relentless innovation and a commitment to superior customer engagement.

The Beauvoir Edge: Rethinking Hair Extension Quality

Most hair extensions in the market are processed as remy cuticle hair. Beauvoir disrupts this norm. Our unique method involves braiding hair while still on the donor, preserving natural cuticle direction. This approach negates the need for damaging alignment processes, yielding extensions with intact cuticles, enhanced longevity, and superior performance. Our blonde extensions use Slavic (Caucasian) hair, blending flawlessly with natural blondes, while our darker shades are ethically sourced from India. We ensure ethical sourcing and preservation of cuticle integrity from the moment of cutting.

Our Exquisite Product Lines:

1. Beauvoir Virgin: Our premium line, featuring single-donor virgin hair. Each weft comes from one donor, ensuring unmatched quality. Only the healthiest 10% of hair donors contribute to this exclusive range.
2. Beauvoir Professional: A blend of 50% single donor virgin hair and 50% high-grade remy cuticle hair. This combination offers 50% greater cuticle integrity than standard extensions, promising enhanced durability, appearance, and washability.

Rooted in Stylist Collaboration

Our ethos is centered around the stylist community. We actively seek their insights and feedback to shape our offerings. Collaborating with top stylists worldwide, we refine our colors, lengths, and overall product range to ensure cutting-edge quality. We're not just another corporate entity; we're deeply embedded in the salon industry, constantly evaluating product performance and customer feedback. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Learn more about our stylist collaborations [here].

Beauvoir's commitment to education in hair extension techniques:

At Beauvoir, we place unparalleled importance on education. Our commitment is to remain at the forefront of hair extension installation techniques. Collaborating exclusively with the world's elite stylists, we ensure our methods are cutting-edge. We take pride in offering what we consider the world's premier education program in this field, continuously striving to surpass our high standards.

Our comprehensive certification programs are meticulously designed. They not only cover the fundamentals to kickstart a stylist's journey in hair extension installation but also delve into intricate details. Our advanced courses offer a deep dive into various installation techniques, color matching, blending, and other sophisticated extension methodologies.
Ensuring that every weft we produce is expertly installed is a cornerstone of our ethos. This commitment to excellence in education is not just about maintaining our high standards; it's a crucial way for us to connect with and contribute to the stylist community, helping to elevate their craft to new heights.

The Beauvoir Promise:

* Versatile Installation Methods.
* Lengths from 16” to 28”.
* Comprehensive Education and Certification.
* Complimentary Shipping and Returns.
* Exclusive Hair Displays and Merchandising Opportunities.
* Unmatched Quality and Customer Service.
* Exclusive Access to Pricing for Licensed Stylists.

Discover the Beauvoir difference and elevate your style with our unparalleled hair extensions.

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