BEAUVOIR Single Donor Virgin Hair

BEAUVOIR Single Donor Virgin hair stands as the pinnacle of quality. Each weft originates from one donor. We braid the hair before cutting, allowing us to bypass the detrimental cuticle alignment process common in remy hair.

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BEAUVOIR Professional Blend

BEAUVOIR Professional Blend combines single donor virgin hair with remy cuticle hair, delivering a performance that's 50% superior to other brands. Only BEAUVOIR Virgin Hair surpasses it.

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The Highest Quality Hair Extensions.

Our Single Donor Virgin hair and 50/50 Professional blend set the standard for minimal processing and optimal health. Once experienced, there's no turning back!


"I absolutely love the extension hair. Absolutely perfect. I never thought I would like the feel of any extension more or equal to G****L**** but now I do. So glad we met. Can’t wait to promote your product."

Misty (Salon Owner/Stylist)

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Length & Volume

Elevate your look with the richest, most vibrant locks available. Touch our hair, and the distinction is palpable.

Shade: Off Black #1B

Length: 18 inches

Type: Machine-Tied Weft

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