Collection: I-Tip Hair Extensions


16” | 25g/25 Pieces
18” | 25g/25 Pieces
20” | 25g/25 Pieces
22” | 25g/25 Pieces
24” | 25g/25 Pieces

I-Tip/Package Specs:
25g/25 Pieces/Pack
Tip length: 12mm
Tip width: 2mm

BEAUVOIR's I-Tip extensions feature a gentle application method that is perfect for those with thinning hairlines, as they require no heat or adhesives. Each extension is applied strand by strand, meticulously paired with an individual strand of the client's hair, and securely threaded using the BEAUVOIR looping tool. This precise method ensures a natural appearance and feel, establishing BEAUVOIR's I-Tip extensions as a premier choice for enhanced comfort and impeccable aesthetics.

16” - 24” available in 50/50 Professional Grade & Single Donor Virgin

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