Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it true that I can save 15-30% by using BEAUVOIR Hair?

Yes! Our registered stylists are entitled to the best benefits in the industry, including unbeatable pricing.

Registered stylists with the standard discount will save on every unit and stylists that spend $5,000+ per year with BEAUVOIR will spend 15-30% less compared to other professional hair brands.

Where is your hair from? How is it ethical and sustainable?

Most of our hair comes from India. Women cut their hair for religious purposes. The money that goes to buy it is donated to their temples. This is among the most ethical ways to source hair.

Our Blonde colors are from women in Slavic countries, who cut their hair for maintenance.

We visit our factories and work very closely with suppliers to ensure each person is treated fairly at every step along the way.

How is your hair a better quality and a better price?

The short answer is: we make less profit than our competitors.

We could charge far more for hair of this quality, but we believe stylists deserve access to top-quality hair at low prices.

What do I get when I become a registered stylist?

BEAUVOIR Registered Stylists get what every hair extension stylist deserves:

  • Access to the best pricing in the industry
  • FREE shipping
  • FREE concierge support

I'm a wholesaler/distributor, who should I reach out to?

If you work with a distributor or are otherwise interested in a wholesale purchase, please contact

Please include much detail as possible and a team member will respond to you.

What is the difference between your Virgin Single Donor Hair and your Professional (50/50 Professional Blend) hair?

Beauvoir Professional consists of a proprietary blend of 50% single donor virgin hair and 50% remy cuticle hair. It’s 50% better than anything else on the market. We’re using the highest grade remy cuticle hair we can source and blending it with premium single donor virgin hair. The end result is hair that has 50% more cuticle integrity, lasts longer, washes better and looks nicer than typical hair extensions hair.

Beauvoir Single Donor Virgin. This is our high end line that consist of 100% single donor virgin hair. Each weft comes from a single donor. 100% of the hair is braided before it’s cut so the cuticle direction is known and we can avoid the cuticle alignment process. Single Donor Virgin is unique. No other brand on the market is doing this. It’s the absolute top grade hair available in the entire hair extensions market. In fact, there are no other brands, that even come close to this quality of hair.

Is your hair 100% human (remi) hair?

Yes, our hair is 100% human hair. We don't mix in any synthetic hair. Our hair is 100% human sustainably sourced hair. It is the least processed hair available on the market.

Is your hair the cut to the EXACT length?

Unlike other brands, our Single Donor Virgin hair comes from one single donor and our 50/50 Professional Blend is 50% Single Donor hair. In addition, we provide hair from the healthiest 10% of donors in the world making the quality of hair we accept very limited. This is the highest quality hair available on the market and is natural human hair so there can be a very slight variation in length. As a result of the above factors there can be a small variation in the length of the hair ranging from 0.25 - 0.5" longer or shorter than the designated length.

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