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16" long with a 5" x 5" top piece.

The Beauvoir Toppers are ideal for clients with thinning hair on the top of the head. Our toppers can be clipped in or the clips can be removed and can be sewn in using a mesh integration system. 

Our Topper are available in 16" and in a variety of colors - more colors coming soon!

Available Exclusively in Single Donor Virgin (one Single Donor and braided before the hair is cut to bypass the harmful cuticle alignment machine).

Installation: Toppers can be attached through three different methods. They can be attached to the hair by clips. The clips can be removed to install through a mesh integration sew-in system. The Toppers can also be attached by glue.

Current Colors:

#66 Icy Silver

#60 Ash Blonde

#80 White/Platinum Blonde 

#1B Off Black 

#1C Mocha Brown 

#8 Ash Brown 

#4 Chocolate Brow

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