Collection: Tape-In Hair Extensions

If tape-ins are your preferred method of hair extensions, Beauvoir has you covered. Our tape-in extensions are crafted to the highest standards, using medical-grade surgical adhesive tape for a secure, lasting hold. We've also perfected our approach to the installation and reinstallation process, thanks to our advanced removal spray, which is specifically formulated to ensure easy and efficient tape removal without damaging your hair. This innovative system enhances both the durability and ease of use of our products. At Beauvoir, we continuously strive to surpass the conventional, enhancing every aspect of our hair extensions.

16” - 50g/20 Pieces
18” - 50g/20 Pieces
20” - 50g/20 Pieces
22” - 50g/20 Pieces
24” - 55g/20 Pieces

Tape/Package Specs:
10 Sandwiches/20 Pieces/Pack
Tape Width: 40mm
Tape length: 10mm

16” - 24” available in 50/50 Professional Grade & Single Donor Virgin

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