Collection: K-Tip Hair Extensions

BEAUVOIR's world-renowned hair is also available in Keratin Fusion. K-Tip extensions are designed for a seamless integration with your natural hair, utilizing a gentle heating method to bond the keratin tips effectively. These tips, crafted from keratin—the same protein found in your hair—ensure a natural and harmonious blend with your tresses.

16” - 25g/25 Pieces
18” - 25g/25 Pieces
20” - 25g/25 Pieces
22” - 25g/25 Pieces
24” - 25g/25 Pieces

K-Tip/Package Specs:
25g/25 Pieces/Pack
Tip depth: 0.9mm
Tip length: 10mm
Tip width: 7mm

16” - 24” available in 50/50 Professional Grade & Single Donor Virgin

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