Collection: Blondes

At Beauvoir, we specialize in sourcing only the finest blonde hair, selecting exclusively from the top 10% of the healthiest hair donors. Our rigorous standards mean we disregard 90% of the available hair, ensuring that only the most exceptional quality makes it to our collection.

Our unique process involves braiding the hair while still on the donor, preserving its natural cuticle direction. This method eliminates the need for the harsh cuticle alignment process, where hair is typically pressed to forcibly align the cuticles. As a result, Beauvoir hair retains its genuine cuticle integrity, offering a durability that surpasses that of standard remy cuticle hair.

Our exquisite lighter shades are meticulously sourced from blonde Slavic donors, to whom we offer premium compensation for their hair. At Beauvoir, we consciously choose not to dye Asian hair blonde for two key reasons: firstly, transforming jet black hair to platinum blonde is harsh and damaging to the hair's integrity. Secondly, there is a distinct texture difference between Asian hair and that of blonde Caucasian hair, ensuring our products maintain the utmost authenticity and quality in both color and texture.

Our collection's unparalleled color quality is further elevated by the expertise of our in-house dye technician, who is globally recognized as the premier specialist in hair extensions coloring. She skillfully cools our blonde tones to achieve the most desirable ashy shades, a testament to her mastery and attention to detail. Additionally, she is the creative force behind our impeccably executed rooted fades, ensuring each piece blends seamlessly for a natural and flawless finish. Her exceptional skills not only set our products apart but also underscore Beauvoir's commitment to excellence in every aspect of our luxury hair extensions.

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